Hello, world!

We’re Chris & Emily, and we are Adventures Required.

Why Adventures Required? Is it because we spent half a day trying to come up with a name and settled on this, or is it because we truly believe that adventures are not optional but essential to live a full, meaningful life? Probably a little bit of both, but we digress. This blog began because we passionately pursue so many of the same and similar interests, and it felt like a natural way for us to build the life we’re seeking while sharing our adventures with the world. We both have a deep appreciation for the outdoors, overlanding/off-roading, and camping wherever our rigs will take us. We’ll share with you how we travel on a very tight budget as well as our advice and recaps on destinations we’ve had the chance to explore.  We hope you’ll explore our blog and follow us on Instagram. Continue reading if you’d like to learn more about us!


Amalfi Coast, 2017

I’m a neophilic explorer. I’m comfortable anywhere and have an insatiable natural curiosity, which makes narrowing down my travel interests very difficult. So far, though, camping across the US with Chris is my favorite. I work for a youth-serving non-profit so occasionally I get paid to camp, but most of the time I get paid to keep the building from burning down. In addition to loving travel and off-roading, I’m a semi-pro foodie (I even went to culinary school briefly!), and a semi-pro writer and content editor. I’m one of those jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none people, and that friend with all the useless tidbits of information you didn’t ask for. I’m nervously optimistic about this blog, as I think Chris and I offer a unique perspective on North American off-road travel, and being nervous is just a part of my personality that I work on daily. I’m pumped to share our life and travels with the world!



Sailing on Lake Michigan, 2017

I have been a car guy since birth, anything with wheels and/or an engine gets me interested! I have always been a fan of the outdoors and being outside in general, as well as camping and exploring desolate places. I work for a remanufacturing company in the automotive industry, primarily in inventory management with some IT experience as well as distribution and manufacturing in the Medical field. Some of my other interests include; racing, track days, and Time Attack, Riding my 2009 GSX-R600, and spending time in the gym or at the shooting range. Off-roading is somewhat new too me, but some concepts still apply as I have quite a bit of seat time under my belt on track and I raced go-karts for about 4 years. Like Emily, I have done many things, but not yet mastered them, a favorite of mine is figuring out inventive ways to bring some amenities from home to the camp ground for minimal expense and with little to no extra effort required!